Xinu EXT

Xinu EXT - a SEO Toolkit to quickly check your PageRank, Search Engine Listings and much more.


Xinu EXT is based on xinu by Miquel Camps Orteza but was rewritten from scratch. It's was developed using state-of-the-art OOP programming techniques from PHP 5. It needs at least PHP5.2 to be run. As this is a very early stage in the development there isn't any more information available here. If you're intereseted in more details write me or have a look at Miquels page. More information, including source code, documentation and a live demo will be made available at this place.


13/09/2007 - I've just finished implementing the AJAX part and created a nice widget. Check it out at the demo site.
11/09/2007 - I've just uploaded the first public preview version. A demo site is coming soon.
01/09/2007 - The re-write of the codebase is now approx. 66% complete. A preview will be uploaded soon.
20/08/2007 - Initial announcement. More information follows soon.


Check it out at the Demo Site but remember that it's still a beta!
Please note that Xinu EXT requires at least PHP 5.2! For more information please see GoPHP5.




Xinu EXT 0.4 (md5sum: n/a)
Xinu EXT 0.3 (md5sum: n/a)


Public SVN



You can contact me at lkml_AT_ds_DOT_gauner_DOT_org.

Here you can tell me whatever you want. If you wan't me to be able to contact you remeber to provide some contact adress, e.g. Jabber or Mail.

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