VBoxAdm - virtual mailbox admin


VBoxAdm is a Web Based management tool for Mailservers running Postfix and Dovecot (and possibly others if you adopt the configuration).
Please note that this software is still largely untested and considered ALPHA quality code.





While looking for a web based management tool for my mailserver I was unsatisfied with the existing solutions so I've decided to roll my own.
This application incorporates code and ideas of others. Please see the enclosed file doc/CREDITS and my related blog postabout VBoxAdm, Postfix.Admin and their relation.
A german tutorial can be found here: ISP Mail Server mit VBoxAdm, MySQL, SpamAssassin, Postfix und Dovecot auf Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze.



Source Code

VBoxAdm 0.0.26 ALPHA Source Code

Debian Package

The Debian package is targeted at Debian squeeze but should be installable on Debian lenny and recent releases of Ubuntu, too. Please let me know if you encounter any errors.

Add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list, import my public key and install the package via aptitude:
echo "deb http://packages.gauner.org/ squeeze main contrib non-free" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
gpg --keyserver x-hkp://gpg-keyserver.de --search-key D31FA054C85AEFAC
gpg --export D31FA054C85AEFAC | apt-key add -
aptitude update
aptitude install vboxadm
From the source code five packages get built. vboxadm is a virtual package that depends on all other vboxadm components and is meant as a all-in-one solution. vboxadm-sa is only the Anti-Spam Proxy, vboxadm-vacation is the vacation auto-responder, vboxadm-cgi is the web frontend and vboxadm-common contains some common libs on the localizations. The reason for splitting this package up is that this allows you to easily separate the single components onto different servers. In any case you'll need a Database, a MTA, a Anti-Spam Proxy and a webserver serving the frontend. These can be either on the same host or on different ones. This design should help with scale-out and high-availability.


Currently this application includes a number of translations, but most of them are machine-translations and probably not perfect. If you spot any issues please mail me your suggestions.


Please see the enclosed perldoc.


Domain List
Domain Aliases
Admin List
Login Screen in Arabic
Login Screen in Chinese


If you need help with this application write to Dominik Schulz dominik_DOT_schulz_AT_gauner_DOT_org and I'll try to provide help.
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