Scaffoldr - a PHP scaffold (skeletal) generator for MySQL-Databases.



09/07/2008 - The latest revision, 2.0-05, brings you flexible primary key placement, column sort toggle and foreign key handling.
19/06/2008 - New Release: 2.0-03. This release fixes some input data bugs and improves the quality of the generated PHP and HTML source code.
16/01/2008 - Fixed a bug with non-numerical id's. Thanks to M.J. Watson.
15/01/2008 - Some more usability tweaks and fixes.
15/01/2008 - Fixed a small bug and added some more descriptive text.
14/01/2008 - Inital Announcement.


Scaffoldr is a PHP scaffold (skeletal) generator for MySQL-Databases. Just provide the connection credentials and this script will generate the CRUD pages for you in second.


When working with PHP and MySQL the probably most common task is to create CRUD (create-read-update-delete) pages for the tables created in MySQL. This work is tedious and error prone, so I've decided to automate this process. This is inspired by the scaffold generators of Ruby on Rails. There are other generators like this, but most of these are build into more complex frameworks I didn't want to use. This is a rewrite of an early scaffold generator I wrote.


It seems pretty complete, is there anything you want me to do?


Scaffoldr 2.0-05 (md5sum: n/a)
Scaffoldr 2.0-03 (md5sum: n/a)
Scaffoldr 2.0-02 (md5sum: n/a)
Scaffoldr 2.0 (md5sum: n/a)


Documentation is included in the application itself.

Public SVN

No public svn available yet.


Scaffoldr 2.0 Start


If you've got questions and or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me at the given adress.
Dominik Schulz (lkml_AT_ds_DOT_gauner_DOT_org)

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