jToDoList - a sophisticated ToDo List written in Java


jTodoList is a sophisticated Todo List, time and project management application written in Java 6 and based on the Eclipse Rich Client Plattform (SWT). A simpler but smaller Swing-based GUI, which lacks many of the features of the RCP application, is also available.


18/08/2008 - Release 2.1.2 brings some new features and improved artwork.
16/08/2008 - Several new architectures were uploaded along with the new release that fixes several bugs and bring optional Drag and Drop.
13/08/2008 - I did just upload the first release of the SWT-based implementation. The big advantage is a much cleaner code, a nicer GUI and easier development. The big drawback is the huge size of the deployed application (about 14MB) and the platform dependence. However, you can still use the old, Swing-based, implementation. The on-disk format has not changed. The packages for Linux x86 and Windows 64-bit are coming soon. Please provide as much feedback as possible!
13/08/2008 - I am currently working on a SWT-based implementation which will bring several major improvements. The implementation of the former features is completed but before I release the changes I will implement some more improvements. Perhaps planned synchronization approach will be included in the new release.
16/04/2007 - I've just uploaded the version 0.3. This release features a new treemap view. For the next release a complete redesign of the GUI is scheduled.
14/04/2007 - I've just uploaded a new Snapshot which introduces new views on the task list. Check it out under the "View" menu.
24/03/2007 - The latest development version was just uploaded. Go and check it out. The export/import stuff doesn't completely work yet, but I'm working on it.
13/02/2007 - Update. Some issues fixed. Some still pending. Contact me if you need the source code.
13/02/2007 - UML Diagram added. I am rewriting the export code to support different filetypes, not just TodoList.exe. The development snapshot was not updated since the export code is not in place yet.
05/02/2007 - The source code will be uploaded soon.



Some time ago I did discover the TodoList application from AbstractSpoon and I was very pleased with it when running windows. However, I was not able to run it on Linux using wine so I did write a simple Swing-based GUI to be able to modify my lists on Linux, too.

After I did have some problems with extending the Swing GUI I did a complete rewrite of the application using RCP.



jTodoList v2.1.2 (RCP/SWT) source (md5sum: 7e12af90da7310d131e2c979d07dd979)
jToDoList v1.0 (Swing-based) last development snapshot (tar.bz2 - source) (md5sum: b7d375f85a6905a7cad957aa972e7bee)
jToDoList v1.0 (Swing-based) last development snapshot (zip) (md5sum: ff38e775f5b5c788c76268e60306b911)
jToDoList v1.0 (Swing-based) last development snapshot (tar.bz2) (md5sum: 964d1658f35a9b72156def888e9c36bd)
jTodoList v2.1.2 (RCP/SWT) hpux.motif.ia64_32 (md5sum: n/a)
jTodoList v2.1.2 (RCP/SWT) win32.wpf.x86 (md5sum: n/a)
jTodoList v2.1.2 (RCP/SWT) win32.win32.x86 (md5sum: n/a)
jTodoList v2.1.2 (RCP/SWT) solaris.gtk.sparc (md5sum: n/a)
jTodoList v2.1.2 (RCP/SWT) macosx.carbon.x86 (md5sum: n/a)
jTodoList v2.1.2 (RCP/SWT) macosx.carbon.ppc (md5sum: n/a)
jTodoList v2.1.2 (RCP/SWT) aix.motif.ppc (md5sum: n/a)
jTodoList v2.1.2 (RCP/SWT) linux.gtk.x86 (md5sum: n/a)
jTodoList v2.1.2 (RCP/SWT) linux.gtk.ppc (md5sum: n/a)
jTodoList v2.1.2 (RCP/SWT) linux.gtk.x86_64 (md5sum: n/a)


No documentation is available at this time. Please let me know if you have any questions so I can compile a FAQ.

About the downloads:
Most users will most probably want to download the "win32.win32.x86" if running Windows or "linux.gtk.x86" when running Linux.

Public SVN

We used provide a public read-only SVN available at this place. The SVN is currently not available but will come back.
If you are interested in contributing to this project contact us.


Main Window of SWT-based Release
Sample Todolist


You can reach the developer at lkml_AT_ds_DOT_gauner_DOT_org. Flattr this

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