jPatchLib - jPatchLib implements the GNU patch algorithm to apply patch Files, the output of diff.


Warning: Don't use this library. It has several bugs which won't be fixed soon. This page is kept for reference.


12/06/2007 - Public SVN created. See below.
04/06/2007 - Version 0.0.1e uploaded which fixes an unchecked array out of bounds exception.
04/06/2007 - Version 0.0.1d uploaded. Fixes a bug with changes on the first line of a file.
04/06/2007 - Version 0.0.1c uploaded and API doc updated. Did some more refactoring and exported applyChunks and getChunks.
31/05/2007 - 0.0.1b uploaded. The issues with the empty lines should be fixed. Everything seems to work. The next versions will come along with more testcases. Also uploaded the API Doc. Source code is coming soon.
31/05/2007 - Initial upload. There are still some problems with empty lines, so use with caution!



There just seems to be not a single implementation of patch for java on the whole internet. Maybe in SVNKit, but the documentation of SVNKit ist ... weird.


Still need more testcases to test it, but as far as I did test, everything seems to be ok.


jPatchLib 0.0.1e (md5sum: 5dc2db7fd814233b7aaa76c0e84143b4)
jPatchLib 0.0.1d (md5sum: 8c2fd9b3c453dc0ec5657c0cf73afc65)
jPatchLib 0.0.1c (md5sum: d2a7a78173b7b821c693ddce4f73fda3)
jPatchLib 0.0.1b (md5sum: 2e5e068fd7eeca81b94eabb2290291b4)
jPatchLib 0.0.1a (md5sum: c981e27205cc35c46fce2f676c7bb8c0)


You can find the Java API Doc here.

Public SVN

I provide a public read-only SVN available at this place.
If you are interested in contributing to this project please contact me.



Dominik Schulz lkml_AT_ds_DOT_gauner_DOT_org

Here you can tell me whatever you want. If you wan't me to be able to contact you remeber to provide some contact adress, e.g. Jabber or Mail.

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